Saturday, November 1, 2008

Surrender to Lord

"Think of me, be my devotee, worship me, offer obeisance unto me; certainly you will come to me, I promise this in truth to you, being dear to me"
Geeta (18:65)

So nice of him. Krishna is so kind to us indeed!

Complete surrender to Lord is the most important attribute to be close to Krishna.

What does this "Surrender" means?

Surrender to Lord means to donate Lord everything what all we have; body, mind, money, and above all ego, the "I".

Surrendering the body to Lord means to understand that my this body is an attribute of Lord and what all has to be done by this should be a prayer to Lord. Nothing should happen by this physical thing, which may not be pleasing to Krishna.

Surrendering the mind to Krishna means thinking of him, his attributes, pulling it away from worldly affairs and tending it towards the Lotus feets of the Lord.

Thinking always about him and doing all which should please him.

Surrendering Money to Lord means treating it as a gift of the Lord to do good in the world for him. It does not means giving up it. It means doing with what all should please him.

And finally and most important attribute is surrender of ego or "I". The absence of doership in what all we do. Doing everything with this notion that I am just the proxy on behalf of Krishna, who is running this world.

Believe, this "I" is biggest enemy of spritual growth. It puts a curtain between you and your real self. Throw away this and see your real self. The real self which is a shadow of Krishna himself. Just like a drop is a shadow of ocean. A small drop has all the attributes of ocean and when it meets with ocean it becomes one with it. Similarly the real self is shadow of Krishna, it always cries for the supreme master, the Krishna but we have put it behind deep curtains of ignorance. Let us throw away this curtain and let the drop recognise its true self.

"Relinquishing all ideas of righteousness, surrender unto me alone; I will deliver you from all sinful reactions, do not despair"
Geeta (18:66)

But how to surrender to Lord?

"I am the original generating cause of all causes, everything emanates from me; comprehending this the spiritually intelligent endowed with devotional sentiments become devoted unto me"
(Geeta 10:8)

Till I am in ignorence of the worldly pleasures, I can not surrender. Till I donot know who am I, I can not surrender. By thinking it deeply and silently, slowly my mind will start moving away from this world and will start tending towards the lotus feets of the supreme Lord. The curtain which has been their between me and my real self will start getting away. Let the strong breeze of Krishna Name throw away that curtain and I can recognise myself.

Let me do constant japa of him, let me always think of him.

This whole world is an extension of Lord Krishna.

Whole life we keep on running behind name, fame, money and comfort. But can worldly things give us happiness and pleasure?

When I was school going kid, I was so much stressed with my learnings and home-work etc, that I used to think when I will be in college, I will enjoy. When I was in college, I thought when I will join job, I will enjoy. After I joined service, I thought I will enjoy life once married. After getting married the tension came that I should earn enough money so that my kids can get proper education, I should have home, car and my retired life should be comfortable.

So I reached from state of kid to old age, thinking that I will enjoy life in future. But when? Life has gone!

I wasted my whole life in trying for something which is very brittle, which is always in future.

I am always in future, never in today. That is the big ignorance.

I was reading a discourse by Swami Nithyananda. He says "Tomorrow never be always today or always this moment. both past and future is non existant things".

So much truth is there in these lines.

If I am in this moment, I will be able to hold so much of energy, which I wastes in dreaming and planning for my pleasures in future. I can tend this energy to throw away the dust which is obstructing me from realising me, myself!

Let me be in this moment! Let me surrender to Lord!!

Krishna you are everything, what all I do I do for you, what all I think, I think for you. I am in your hand. Help me, protect you helped Gajaraj (elephant) from Magar (crocodile), protect me like you protected Draupadi in court of Kauravas.

I know you will be there to save me, because you are the one, who eats forest fruits from Shabari, you are the one, who runs bare feet to protect gajaraaj, you are the one, who breaks his own pleadge (of not touching weapon) in Mahaabhaarat war to protect the pledge of your bhakta (Bhishma, who took pledge that he will force krishna to take weapon). How sweet are you! how merciful are you!!

Show me the path, my master, my guru, my all in all!!! Help me surrender to you, help me so that I can complete my worldly duties properly and take me with you, where you are, in your param dhaam, in a state of absolute bliss and peace....

"Asato ma sad gamay
Tamso ma jyotirgamay
Mriyor ma amritam gamay"

"...from illusion lead me to the truth, from darkness lead me to light, from death lead me to immortality"
(Yajur Veda, Brihadaranyáka Upanishad, 1.3.28 )

Hari Om Tatsat